Free Education For Children

Devika Shiksha Niketan is on the mission to become a positive change in the life of thousands of poor children in the society. According to a few reports, there are many children in India who lacks basic access to basic education. Our NGO has taken an initiative to change this outlook of the society in the 21st century.

Our NGO has a dedicated and passionate team of educators who are leading this torch of enlightenment. We will be providing free elementary education to children along with the moral education to build their characters. Our emphasis will also be on providing them with free books and other facilities. Devika Shiksha Niketan will also take care of the health needs of the children by providing them nutritious meals.

Moreover, we will be educating their families to help them know about the need and importance of education in their child’s life. We know that this will not be possible without their families, so our main perspective is to get family support too. Our NGO will be teaching basic subjects like Hindi, English, Math, Moral Education, etc. Our educational professionals are well-versed with the teaching set-up. We will make sure to follow a creative approach.