Basic Needs

Nutrition, Education, and Healthcare are some of the basic needs of most of the children. But, there are millions of children in India who do not have access to these basic necessities. Devika Shiksha Niketan is one-of-its-kind of NGO that is working towards providing good food, the right education, and health to the poor children of the community.

We are aware that a lack of nutrition causes an impact on the cognitive development of the children. So, we strive hard to provide the right amount of basic nutrition to poor children. Our team makes sure that no child is left behind. This will help the children to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, kids will be able to study well and focus on their education.

Even we also make sure to have healthcare camps by collaborating with other charity organizations. This provides protection to poor kids against any kind of diseases. We utilize our resources and donations in the best interest of these poor kids and community. Our NGO members keep an eye on the spending of the funds by maintaining the budget for the month or a year. Devika Shiksha Niketan is on a mission to cater to the basic needs of these children.