About Us

Welcome To Devika Shiksha Niketan

Education is a torch that enlightens the life of people. It empowers the lives of people for good. Devika Shiksha Niketan NGO is keeping this flag high by helping the poor children with free education. We cater to the needs of thousands of children who are from underprivileged families. Our NGO is committed to providing free books to children, basic necessities, and sports equipment. We are working tirelessly to change the face of education for the needy and poor students. Our NGO is working with many other charitable organizations, volunteers, and donors who are contributing to our quality education cause.

Devika Shiksha Niketan NGO is spreading its wings to reach out to the minor communities. Along with the children education, we are working towards engaging the community at large. Our motive is to bring millions of children under our umbrella program. This will make their life better and empowered at the same time. Here’s how we do it:

  •  Family Support
  •  Group Work
  •  Child Adoption
  •  Fund Raising
  •  Tree Plantation
  •  Childhood Care
  •  Build Orphanage
  •  Volunteer Work

Who we are

Devika Shiksha Niketan is an initiative of a group of individuals who are working towards bringing a change in the educational face of India. Our NGO will be based in the (Pehowa) Haryana state of India. Our major emphasis will be on providing free education, sports equipment, food, and other basic necessities to the poor children. We will be employing teachers who are well-versed with the basic educational set-up of elementary education in India.

What we do

Devika Shiksha Niketan provides holistic and custom made programs for the children. We are on a way of making a change in the life of numerous children and starting with a few is our dream. We will be providing free books and other facilities for the poor children of our community. Our agenda is to free every child from the exploitation, help them and their families know about the importance of education.